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Master of Arts (Religious Studies)

The Master of Arts (Religious Studies) (MA-REGS) degree program is designed for persons interested in teaching (i.e. secondary or community college level) in continuing studies in religion and theology, or in preparation for advanced theological education. It is particularly desirable for persons who wish to pursue careers in religion other than that of pastoral ministry.

Nature of the Degree
For non-ordained ministry or professional service May be either academic or professional in focus May be interdisciplinary Adaptable to interests and needs of the student

Uses of the Degree
Preparation for advanced graduate study in religion
Director of religious education in local church
Lay ministry in local church
Denominational staff work
Teaching on primary, secondary, or college level
Religious journalism Counseling and vocational guidance
An opportunity to augment one's expertise in a related field
An opportunity to explore one's interest in religion

Admissions Requirements
To be eligible, individuals must have a bachelor's degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university, and a cumulative average of B or its equivalent.

Degree Requirements
The program normally requires a minimum of 48 credit hours including thesis with a B average or higher.


Required Foundational Courses or Areas (27 credits)
Introduction to the Study of Religion (3 credits)
Introduction to the Old Testament I or II (3 credits)
Introduction to the New Testament I or II (3 credits)
Church History (3 credits) Philosophy of Religion (3 credits) Systematic Theology I (3 credits)
Religion and Society or Ethics* (3 credits)
Religious Education or Counseling* (3 credits)
MA Colloquy (3 credits)
Area of Concentration (12 credits)
Includes MA Thesis (3 credits)
Electives (9 credits)

*The choice between these two subjects will depend on one's area of concentration.

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updated: June 13, 2014

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