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Historical Studies

HISU-200. Introduction to the History of Christianity I.
2 crs.
Discusses the history of Christianity from the founding of the early church to the 16th century, the development of doctrines and institutions; Christian biography, and the relationship between Christian and secular culture.

HISU-201. Introduction to the History of Christianity II.
2 crs.
Analyzes the history of Christianity from the 16th century to the present; continuation of HISU-200.

HISU-211. Religion in American Life.
2 crs.

Treats religion in American history from the era of exploration to the present.

HISU-213. Methodist History and Doctrine.
4 crs.

Examines the history and doctrine of the Methodist church.

HISU-214. Methodist Polity.
2 crs.

Examines the polity of the Methodist church.

HISU-220. History of the Black Churches.
3 crs.

Examines the history of the religious life of black Americans, their relation to Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, the formation and development of independent black denominations, and black sects and cults.

HISU-226. Baptist History, Doctrine and Polity.
3 crs.

HISU-309. History of the Black Religious Experience in America.
3 crs.

A seminar focusing on selected topics announced by professor.

HISU-330. Seminar in American Religious Thought.
3 crs.

Advanced study of American intellectual history from early Puritanism to the present.

HISU-340. Patristics/Early African Christianity.
3 crs.

A study of the African roots of Christianity. How the churches in Egypt, Ethiopia and North Africa influence the course of later development of Christianity. Special attention will be paid as well to the spirituality and liturgy of the pre-colonial African churches.

HISU-354. Martin Luther King, Jr. Seminar.
3 crs.

Critically examines the life, thought, and ministry of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and exposes students to the broad historical compass out of which he emerged as well as explores the context in which he sought to live out his ideals.

updated: May 28, 2015

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