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Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program is designed for people who wish to engage in an advanced level of preparation for ministerial practice. It is not designed primarily for teaching and research, although effective ministry includes aspects of these. Its primary goal is the integration of theological and anthropological understandings in the context of responsible engagement of ministry. Accordingly, all candidates are expected to be engaged in some acceptable form of ministerial practice.

Admissions Requirements
To be eligible, individuals must hold a baccalaureate degree and a Master of Divinity degree or their formal equivalents, as determined by the Doctor of Ministry Committee, and must be involved in some recognized form of ministry for three (3) years after completion of the Master of Divinity degree.

Degree Requirements
Candidates for the degree are required to complete a minimum of 36 hours at a B grade level or higher and approved by the Doctoral committee. Students must also satisfactorily participate in a doctoral colloquy, which provides the venue for action/reflection. Discussions in this context may include findings of the field-oriented project. The final requirement is the designing and completion of a project or thesis that reflects theological understanding, sensitivity to social pathology and resources, and the capacity to integrate theory and practice at a high level of excellence. This will include field involvement supervised by faculty and adjunct instructors. Candidates are required to defend, by oral examination, the Doctor of Ministry research project, which he/she has completed.


Required Courses (24 credits)

Doctor of Ministry Seminars (3) (9 credits)
D.Min. Research and Writing (4 credits)
Theological Studies (4 credits)
Biblical Studies (4 credits)
Professional Ministry Seminar (3 credits)
* The three-part series of DMin Seminars is a basic requirement for the successful completion of the degree. One such seminar is offered each semester.

Electives (12 credits)
Doctor of Ministry students are encouraged to select courses for their electives which will enhance, supplement, and strengthen their area of specialization and research related to their Doctor of Ministry project.

Doctor of Ministry Project
Each project proposal will be carefully reviewed, discussed, and clarified (in group sessions and individually), so that the most appropriate and efficient methods and mechanisms might be fully identified and secured for its successful completion. Candidates are required to maintain close contact and regular communication with their project advisors.

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updated: June 13, 2014

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