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Core Courses

FDSM-201. Ministry and Contextualization.
2 crs.

An interdisciplinary approach to the study of the various settings of ministry and the tasks of ministry appropriate to those settings. Introduces students to critical reflection on the nature of ministry in the contemporary world. Acquaints students with those basic skills necessary for performing liturgical, educational, and administrative tasks in the local church. Explores the nature of ministry as part of the phenomenon of religious experience while introducing students to basic concepts in the study of world religions and philosophy of religion. Nurtures an integrated approach to ministry which prepares students to think and act holistically. Demonstrates the centrality of ministry as the unifying principle which provides coherence to the theological curriculum.

FDSM-202. Continuation of FDSM -201.
2 crs.

Prereq: FDSM-201 FDSM-205.

Faith Development and Spiritual Formation.
.5 (one-half) cr.
Spanning the full three-year program, introduces students to the study of, the resources for, and the practice of, spiritual discipline. Examines a variety of methods by which people of faith have strengthened and deepened their faith commitment. Working in small groups with a faculty advisor, each student explores the rich tradition of spiritual exercises including prayer, Bible study, and meditation, in order to develop a program which best suits his or her individual needs and spiritual personality. Personal growth nurtured in a collegial setting as a model for continuing practice in professional ministry.

FDSM-465. Senior Colloquy.
2 crs.

Course participants reflect upon and critically evaluate their journey (academically, socially, and spiritually) as members of the Howard University School of Divinity community; students engage in the process of summing up and bringing to some closure their seminary experience.

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