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Biblical Studies - Old Testament

BSOT-230. New Testament Critical Introduction.
3 crs.

This course provides the first half of a two-semester course on the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. It provides a critical introduction to the Pentateuch and the historical books of the Old Testament.

BSOT-221. Hebrew Language and Grammar I.
3 crs.

This course treats the essentials of Hebrew grammar and syntax.

BSOT-222. Hebrew Language and Grammar II.
3 crs.
Continuation of BSOT-221. Students will consolidate grammar, syntax, and vocabulary by reading the books of Jonah and Ruth and the first chapters of Genesis with the help of Bible software. Prereq.: BSOT-221

BSOT-225. Women of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.
3 crs.

Familiarizes the students with the principal women of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and the research in feminist/womanist biblical studies on these women to discern how the stories of these women connect with contemporary issues in the lives of men and women; and to consider how to teach and preach the messages coming from these stories in the communities of faith today. Prereqs.: BSOT-201 and BSOT-202

BSOT-227. The Bible and African-American Literature.
3 crs.

This three-credit hour seminar is a reading-intensive course that explores the use of biblical texts in selected works in the African-American literary tradition. Prereqs.: Six credits of introductory HUSD biblical studies courses or the WTC equivalent

BSOT-306. Feminist and Womanist Biblical Interpretation.
3 crs.
This three-credit hour seminar surveys the history and development of feminist and womanist biblical interpretation of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and the New Testament. Prereqs.: Six credits of introductory HUSD biblical studies courses or the WTC equivalent

BSOT-330. Jeremiah.
3 crs.

This course provides a detailed exegetical study of one of the most important of the biblical prophets. Prereqs.: BSOT-201 and BSOT-202

BSOT-405. Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Exegesis.
3 crs.
This three-credit hour course provides an introduction to modern, critical exegetical methods for studying the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Prereqs.: BSOT-201 and BSOT-202

BSOT-510. The Minor Prophets.
3 crs.

Addresses what each Minor Prophet preached and the overall message of each of the Minor Prophets' books. Students will discern how these themes apply today and consider how to communicate the truths found in the Minor Prophets’ books. Prereqs.: BSOT-201 and BSOT-202

updated: August 17, 2015

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