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Faculty Bios

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Delores H. Carpenter, Ed.D.

Professor of Religious Education

Dr. Delores Carpenter has served as a professor of Religious Education at the Howard University School of Divinity since 1999. She began her career at the School in 1982 as an assistant professor of Religious Education. Additionally, she has served as the senior pastor of Michigan Park Christian Church in Washington, D.C., for more than 20 years.

Prior to joining the Divinity faculty, Dr. Carpenter was the director of Career and Cooperative Education at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey. She held several positions within the college, including assistant to the president.

She is a world-renowned preacher, teacher and lecturer. Her writing credits are extensive, covering issues from Christian education to women in ministry to preaching to Africa. She is also the editor of the “African American Heritage Hymnal.” And, she currently serves as the founder and chairperson of African Heritage and Cultural Institute of America Inc., which awards church music scholarships.

Dr. Carpenter earned the Ed.D. in 1986 from Rutgers University; M.A. in 1972 from Washington University; and the M.Div. cum laude in 1969 from Howard University School of Divinity, the first female to receive the degree from the School.



a.) Articles
Carpenter, D.C. (2007) “Palm Sunday”, National City Christian Church Lenten Guide.

Carpenter, D.C. (2006) “The Burden of Your Blessings”, A Stewardship Book, National Convocation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Carpenter, D.C. (1998). “Female seminarians changing the face of theological education”, ICAM, Atlanta.

Carpenter, D.C. (1997) “Learning, Leaning and Lifting” published in the Book of Speeches of State Mothers of the Year at the 1996 American Mothers Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska, New York: American Mothers, Inc.

Carpenter, D.C. (1997). “Cycles of life: Ecclesiastes 4 meditation,” African-American Devotional Bible, Zondervon. p. 736.

Carpenter, D.C. (1994) “A Word from God’s Woman, Good News for God’s Women Vol 1 No.2, October , p.3.

Carpenter, D.C. (1993) “A Response to Brian Tippen”, featured article “ A Historical Look at the succession of Major Professor of Religious Education, The Religious Education Journal, at the Association of Professor and Researchers in Religious Education, Vol 88, Number 4, Fall 1993, pp. 618-623.

Carpenter, D.C. (1991) "The purpose, office, and goals of congregational education: A mission-oriented framework. (Lead article with two scholarly responses: "A Response to Dr. Delores Carpenter's Essay" by Joseph H. Bragg, Jr. and "An Invitation Accepted" by J. Cy Rowell), The Disciples Theological Digest, St. Louis: The Division of Higher Education For The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Division of Higher Education, Vol. 6, pp. 7-28.

Carpenter, D.C. (1989-1990). Black women in religious institutions: A historical summary from slavery to the1960's,"The Journal of Religious Thought”, 46, pp. 7-27.

Carpenter, D.C. (1987) “Congregational Life and Discipline”, Midstream, July 1987 Vol.26, No 3

Carpenter, D.C. (1986) “A Kingdom Divided”, “The Northern Kingdom Destroyed”, “The Southern Kingdom”, “A Promise of Return”, “A Remnant Rebuilds”, “Rejoicing in the Law”, The Disciple, October.

b.) Chapters In Textbooks
Carpenter, D.C. (2005) “ What Can You Get With the Faith You’ve Got”in This Is My Story by Cleophus LaRue, Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster John Knox Press.

Carpenter, D.C. (2005) “The Journey I Have Known” in This Is My Story by Cleophus LaRue, Louisville, Kentucky: Weestminster John Knox Press.

Carpenter, D.C. (September 2003), “A Time for Honor: A Portrait of African American Clergywomen” C. Eric Lincoln Lecture Series, Clark Atlanta University, Alton Pollard, Editor, Palgrave Macmillan.

Carpenter, D.C.( 2000) “A Religious Educator Examines African-American Hymnology”, The Journal of the Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta, Fall 1999/Spring 2000, pp. 267-288.

Carpenter, D.C. (1999). Biblical Foundations of the African-American Family. In C. Eric Lincoln (Ed.) African-American Study Bible. Nashville, TN: Nelson Press Inc. (In Progress).

Carpenter, D.C. (1996). In J. Salzman (Ed.). Religious education. Encyclopedia of African American Culture and History.( pp. 2310-2313). (To be published by Macmillian Publishing Company, New York, under the auspices of Center for American Culture Studies). New York: Columbia University Press.

Carpenter, D.C. (1995) “Walking together in sisterhood”, in S. Johnson (ed) Sister to Sister, Valley Forge: Judson Press

Carpenter, D.C. (1994). Bridging The Chasm, In Darryl Trimieux (Ed.) Out of Mighty Waters (pp. 11-16). St. Louis, MO: Chalice Press Inc.

Carpenter, D.C. (1992). I believe In Sunday school, Prophetic Voices, (pp. 8-11) Children’s Defense Fund, 1992.

Carpenter, D.C. (1992). Acceptance of the call at a funeral, In W. Meyers (Ed.), (pp. 64-70) Irresistible urge to preach. Atlanta, GA: Aaron Press.

Carpenter, D.C. (1992). God’s healing power, In C. Birchett (Ed.) How I Got Over, (pp. 75-87). Chicago, IL: Urban Ministries Inc.

Carpenter, D.C. (1991). Women ministers: Heirs of the promise - On fire, under fire. In E. P. Mitchell (Ed.) Women: To preach or not to preach, (pp. 111-117). Valley Forge, PA: Judson Press.

b. Monographs and Scholarly Books
Carpenter, D.C. (Current contract) 52 Sundays of Soulful Worship: An Introduction to the Black Church Year, GIA Inc., Chicago. A major congregational resource in black history, liturgy and worship. Companion to the African American Heritage Hymnal.

Carpenter, Delores, Associate Editor (2012), Total Praise Hymnal, GIA Publications, Chicago.

Carpenter, D.C. (2009) “James Daniel Tyms” in Christian Educators of the Twentieth Century, A Electronic monograph for teaching and research. Project Director Kevin Lawson, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University.

Carpenter, D.C. Editor, (2001) African American Heritage Hymnal, Chicago: GIA, Inc. Over 124,000 sold.

Carpenter, D.C. (2001) A Time for Honor: A Portrait of African American Clergywomen, St. Louis: Chalice Press.

Carpenter, D.C. (1999) Black Heritage and Christianity: Assessing our Faith, A Monograph with Videotape, New York: National Council of Churches, African American Christian Education, 1998.

Carpenter, D.C. (1997) An Apprenticeship in Kinship Monogram, Pension fund Ministers’ Breakfast delivered in Denver, Co, Indianapolis: Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Pension Fund

Carpenter, Delores (1996, 1993,1990) Bible Discovery Leader’s Guide, Louisville: Presbyterian Publishing House.

Carpenter, Delores (1996, 1993, 1990) Bible Discovery Children’s Storybook, Louisville: Presbyterian Publishing House.

Carpenter, Delores (1996,1993,1990) Bible Discovery Leaflets, Louisville:Presbyterian Publishing House.

Carpenter, D.C. (1989) Standing for Truth in an Anxious World, Baccalaureatae Address, Lynchberg College, Lynchberg, Virginia.

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updated: February 4, 2015
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