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  96th Annual Convocation


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By Abeni Phillips
Howard University News Service


Howard University School of Divinity will host its
96th Annual Alumni Convocation October 17 and 18.

This year’s theme is Radical Reconciliation

Special guests include the Cynthia Wedel Lecturer the Rev. Allan Boesak and the Rev. Curtiss Paul DeYoung, an alumnus of the School of Divinity.

Boesak, Ph.D., is a South African theologian and Scholar In Residence at Christian Theological Seminary and Butler University in Indianapolis, Ind. Boesak was born in Kakamas, Northern Cape, one of eight children. After graduating from Bellville Theological Seminary in 1967, he worked as a pastor in Paarl. He was ordained at age 23. He is a leader of the World Alliance of Churches and patron of the United Democratic Front and anti-apartheid activist.

DeYoung, Ph.D., is a professor of Reconciliation Studies at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minn., and an ordained minister in the Church of God in Anderson, Ind. Prior to graduating from Howard University in 1980, he served for 17 years in the Minneapolis—St. Paul region as the president of the Twin Cities Urban Reconciliation Network , the executive director of the City Gate Project and the senior pastor at a multiracial congregation. He has been to South Africa, Egypt, France, Guatemala, Mexico, the Netherlands, and to Thailand on numerous occasions speaking on reconciliation and the multiculturalism of the Bible.

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